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V is for Victory

Not the kind of victory where The winner goes, ‘In your Face!’ But the gentle kind. That’s sweet and sensitive And makes friends with The

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U is for Universal

When you say ‘U‘ I think of universal Universal Remote? Unique, too! Not everyone will get this, But some will… And those are the ones

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T is for Turbulent

I used to think turbulence was a terrible thing Well, now I know that turbulence is terrible Only when you are alone Turbulence can be

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Plentiful Springs by Anjaly Thomas

Tara Publishers www.indiaresearchpress.com INR 399 Endorsed by Tanushree Podder – “A skilfully narrated account of innocence, longing, and disillusion.” Among many others. Tara India Research

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The Boyfriend Sessions

(City Love Book 1) Chapter 7 Loc 7 53 of 5440 (Please check) 2 minutes left in the chapter 14 per cent Photo by ??????????

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On Worldbuilding

I liked the following terms and phrases: Grand Space Opera Cozy Historical Romance Victorian England Pre-colonial New Zealand Take a moment to consider your story’s

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The Thief’s Funeral

The Book Review anthology of short fiction. Edited by Sucharita Sengupta Chanda Chari Uma Iyengar I love this slim volume of carefully chosen short stories.

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On John Milton

John Milton was an English poet, essayist, and historian. Many people consider him the most notable English author after William Shakespeare. For 15 months, around

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On Keats

Keats was an English lyric poet who was one of the most important figures of the second generation of romantic poets. He had three siblings.

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What I value at workplaces

Sticking to a routine Being punctual and professional Respecting and achieving deadlines Setting boundaries and eliminating distractions Improving self-awareness Learning to say no Photo by

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I’m Aishwariya. I’m passionate about writing, reading, marketing communications, books, blogging, poetry, and editing. I’ve donned several hats, such as freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger, and editor.


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Top Book Reviewers in India

I have been recognized as one of the top book reviewers in India by the Zorba Books! It is an incredible honor to be acknowledged this way.

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Top Book Bloggers in India

I have been recognized as one of the top book bloggers in India by The Himalayan Writing Retreat! It is an incredible honor to be acknowledged this way.

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