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Tag: Poetry

Coffee Shop Hustle

A Starlet in Starbucks An out-of-work actress But a full-time waitress That’s Rita doing the coffee-shop hustle She turned up

First Lines Friday

Check out the book that’s next on my TBR this ‘First Lines Friday.’ Also, join in! 🙂

Happy World Poetry Day!

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Sampurna Chattarji’s poetry workshop conducted by Blogchatter on World Poetry Day.

Stepping into 2022

It’s almost a fortnight into 2022. Two anthologies featuring my work have released on Amazon already.

Composition of a Woman

I write about Christine E Ray’s ‘Composition of a Woman,’ an award-winning book of feminist poems.

Two Books of Poems

I talk about two books of poetry: 1. ‘Isolocation’ by various authors and 2. ‘Hate that cat’ by Sharon Creech.

Aishwariya Laxmi

I’m Aishwariya. I’m passionate about writing, reading, marketing communications, books, blogging, poetry and editing. I’ve donned several hats, such as freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger and editor.


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