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My Dad's Book

The First-of-its-Kind A-to-Z Guide to Rubber Engineering with Fibers.

Make your rubber products stronger, lighter, cheaper, and long-lasting with an optimized fiber reinforcement architecture. Loganathan, an industry veteran, encapsulates simple strategies to achieve enhanced dynamic mechanical properties in textile-rubber composites. This crossover design guide bridges the knowledge gap that exists between the textile manufacture and rubber application fields.

The book deals at length with fibers and advanced fibrous materials used as force-conducting reinforcing elements in the rubber industry. It is a playbook on designing and manufacturing specific rubber products, such as tires, conveyor, and mechanical power transmission belts, and hoses. It is a guide for selecting the most appropriate fibers and preparing them for use in these applications. It combines theory and practice to offer practical solutions to problems arising with fibers in the manufacture and in-service life of rubber products. Clear diagrams, tables, flow charts, and references enrich the tightly constructed text with an impressive level of detail.

Here’s a compendium for rubber product and textile designers, factory technicians, materials scientists, and purchasers/specifiers in fiber and rubber industries, as well as end-users, for interested amateurs and the general audience.

I’m proud to feature an interview with my dear dad here.

You can buy the book directly from my dad. Just write in to him at kesa1947@gmail.com