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My body keeps the score and teaches me new things every day!

I think I’m so good with the names of diseases, treatments, and cures because I’ve had most of them!

From the time I had eosinophilia in Class XI, restless leg syndrome ( forever now – self-diagnosed), a deviated septum since Class XII, mitral valve prolapse (since high school) to having root canals, implants, and migraines in adulthood, it’s been a veritable cornucopia of diseases with me. People called me a hypochondriac, but registered doctors diagnosed most of these listed conditions in registered hospitals.

It’s no wonder the medical community looks at me keenly, akin to a pathologist eyeing a specimen. I’ve probably told you my maternal uncle has done pathology. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a specimen, too,:P

I even had a weird disease called parotitis, which I did not know existed until I had it. It’s like mumps – maybe worse since your entire face swells up. Mirrors have never been kind to me, and back when they were, thoughts that I was utterly hideous to look at consumed me!

Doctors recommend watermelon to me since it is low in calories and hydrating. But honestly, I’ve stopped going to doctors at the rate I used to. These days, I wait for the condition to exacerbate and only then take action. This may not be good, but it beats going to the doctor weekly.

I went to six different doctors for various conditions in February this year. Now, in May, I’m catching up on dental treatments. If you’ve spent most of your life shuttling between hospitals, you would have also become half a doctor. But half-doctors, like half-girlfriends, are not desirable qualifications. So, I chose to focus on my writing life. And I pray I’m not delusional when I think it’s getting me somewhere.


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