My published work

  1. My first love‘ on Juggernaut Books
  2. My fitness journey‘ on Juggernaut Books
  3. What just happened?‘ on Juggernaut Books
  4. Bat to the Future’ in the Half-Baked Beans Horror Anthology
  5. When tomorrow comes’ in the Half-Baked Beans Great Indian Anthology
  6. ‘A fiendish turn’ in Extreme Drabbles of Dread- A horror anthology
  7. ‘To be or not to be a writer’ in an anthology by Sweetycat Press
  8. My poems on Spillwords
  9. ‘Snapshots of a single girl’s life’ in Anthology of Short Stories: Volume One
  10. ‘Mended and Precious’ in KINTSUGI: Flash Fiction First -Volume 1
  11. Five poems in ‘Tickled Pink: Happiness Multiplied by Five’
  12. My bio is featured in ‘Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2021’
  13. My flash fiction piece in Flash Fiction Magazine
  14.  ‘A Love Poem’ on The Drabble.
  15.  Episode 8 in ‘The Whole Wide World’
  16. ‘If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this…’ in Around the World: Landscapes & Cityscapes: 200 Poems from Poets Around the World
  17.  My poem to my parents in ‘A love letter (or poem) to…’
  18. My poem ‘To all the girls I’ve been’ in Soul Poet Society’s anthology ‘Quintessence: Coming of age’ 
  19. My poem ‘Joy’ in ‘Paradise on Earth: An International Anthology: Volume Two’ by ThirdEyeButterflyPress
  20. My poem ‘On Writing Poetry’ is featured here. 
  21. My flash fiction story ‘Of songs and second chances’ is featured in ‘Stories and Poems in the Song of Life’. 
  22. My poem ‘To the beloved in my head’ is featured in BEAUTIFUL: In the Eye of the Beholder: 200 Stories and Poems by authors and poets worldwide
  23. My 100-word piece ‘Never-was’ is featured in The Drabble. 
  24. My poem ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ is featured in Issue IV AWS E-Zine devoted to Mystery and Magic.
  25. My poem ‘Family Ties’ appears in FAMILY: Vol.2 Poetry about family, from poets around the world. 
  26. My poem on my mother’s crochet, ‘Handicraft Magic’, appears in Movement: Our bodies in action 
  27. My poem ‘If there is a paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this…’ has been featured in ‘Jewels in the Queen’s Crown: The Best of the Best’
  28. My poem ‘A prayer for peace’ has been published in AWS, Issue V, with the theme of ‘Conflict and Courage.’


    In addition to the blog you are reading, I maintain six other blogs on the world wide web. Here’s a list:

My portfolio.

Blog on miscellaneous topics, mostly slice of life, books, and movies.

Blog on my reading journey.

Blog featuring my poems.

blog where I analyze sentences

A blog where I discuss hobbies as a part of the A2ZChallenge( 2020) conducted by Blogchatter.

All the content on this site and listed sites belongs to Aishwariya Laxmi. The covers of some of the anthologies that feature my work are as follows:

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