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Whispers in the Dark

Aishwariya Laxmi This essay was first published by Dustin Pickering Trees have always held me under their spell. I’m sure they talk to each other, whispering secrets. The

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Mending a Broken Heart

Trust when it’s brokenIs the hardest to mendThe heart has hardened.And the mind, numbedDulled with painDays stretch on to infinityAnd the nights, well, are the

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The Sheer Joy Of Writing

Wake up. Write your morning notes Write a memo. Your things-to-do list. Your grocery list. Compose an email at work. Edit. Slash. Repeat. Think. Dream.

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Write Your Way Through It

Inhale. Exhale.Breathe. Write. Live As natural as that. Asimportant. Expression. Don’t ever stop. Lifewill run out.

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The Muse Within

Writerly. Disorderly. Cacophony. Laughing evilly. Does she make sense to you? Do you make sense to her? Transactional Analysis. Decision Paralysis. Move on! Cry voices

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The Writer As A Mystic

Do you see yourself In every character you write? How many faces and layers does this Eve have? Is she a narcissist? Or an empath

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Writer’s Block

When she first sat down to write She bled a drop or two of pain onto the page Now, those drops have become a cyclonic

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The role of a creative soul

Having a creative soulIs a double-edged swordWhile it may bestow on its ownerProficiency with words,Only the individual knows what it’s likeTo feel so strongly and

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The artist within me

#Creativity and Writing The artist within me is a child —A happy one who doesn’t fret about what people think Or how things will turn

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The war of the elements

One day on planet earth Fire challenged water “Watch out, or I’ll burn you!” Water was calm and true She said, “It does not behoove

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The One That Slithered Away

A snake slithers down the French window I’m barely inches away And move backward Stifling a scream The snake is just living its life  It

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One in a Million

Life cuts like a knife It breaks your heart into a million pieces Until the fragments start hurting you Every fragment takes you back To

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A Viper In My Backyard

When I first moved here in 2016, I focused on getting an internet connection since I felt isolated. Also, one has to work! Over time,

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Crimson Wedding

As the rays of the morning sun Creep upon the light blue sky I watch the scene unfold From my room inside I marvel at

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Idioms and Idiots

I took part in a play at school called ‘Idioms and Idiots’. I knew all that idioms, but I was an idiot. #savant Photo by

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Aishwariya Laxmi

I’m Aishwariya. I’m passionate about writing, reading, marketing communications, books, blogging, poetry, and editing. I’ve donned several hats, such as freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger, and editor.


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I have been recognized as one of the top book reviewers in India by the Zorba Books! It is an incredible honor to be acknowledged this way.

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I have been recognized as one of the top book bloggers in India by The Himalayan Writing Retreat! It is an incredible honor to be acknowledged this way.

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