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  • My Book Review of ‘Rising: 30 Women Who Changed India’

    Rising – 30 women who changed India – a non-fiction title by Kiran Manral and published by Rupa covers the inspiring journeys of 30 Indian women from various fields who blazed a trail for others to follow. Manral has allocated a chapter for each achiever, and she has meticulously listed all her references from secondary […]

  • Four Books I Read Recently

    The Comfort Book by Matt Haig – This book is like a warm hug. The author shares with readers a list of his favourite movies, recipes and books in addition to his musings on life. In short, he writes about all the things that bring him comfort in the hope that they could help the […]

  • The Teachings of Bhagavad Gita by Richa Tilokani

    With the pandemic raging worldwide, everyone is returning to their roots to find solace and seek comfort. Richa Tilokani’s ‘The teachings of Bhagavad Gita’  – Timeless wisdom for the modern age- comes at the right time to offer wisdom to those who seek it. I thank Richa for the review copy. This 226-page book, which […]

  • My book reviews of ‘Chasing Sunsets’ by Vaibhav Dange and ‘Death is my only beloved’ by Laudeep Singh

    I’ve reviewed two books of poetry. 1. Chasing Sunsets by Vaibhav Dange and 2. Death is my only beloved by Laudeep Singh as part of the Half-Baked Beans Book Review Programme.

  • Book Review of ‘Misters Kuru: A Return to Mahabharata’

    ‘Ms Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas’ by Trisha Das was released on 22 August 2016. I now received ‘Misters Kuru: A Return to Mahabharata’ by the same author through the Blogchatter book review program. The book is published by Harper Collins India. Trisha Das is also the author of ‘Kama’s Last Sutra’, ‘The Mahabharata Re-imagined’, […]

  • My Book Review of ‘Yesterday’s Ghosts’ By Nikhil Pradhan

    On Halloween, I’d taken part in a Twitter chat with Blogchatter and was sent this review copy of ‘Yesterday’s Ghosts’ by Nikhil Pradhan when I’d expressed interest in reviewing it. The book has been brought out by Harper Black, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. It is categorized as fiction/thriller. The title ‘Yesterday’s Ghosts’ really […]

  • My Book Review of ‘Anxiety: Overcome it and Live Without Fear’ by Sonali Gupta

    I’d bought the kindle version of ‘Anxiety’ by Sonali Gupta earlier this year and posted a brief review across social media. I truly felt it was a book that was timed well. 2020 is a year like no other what with the pandemic upending our lives. And anxiety levels are on the rise. I opted […]

  • Eats Shoots and Leaves: Book Review

    If there is one book on punctuation I’d recommend to everyone, it’s “Eats shoots and leaves” by Lynne Truss. In this book, Lynne Truss has dealt with all matters related to punctuation in a humorous and engaging fashion. This not only removes the “boring” tag associated with the subject of punctuation, but also gets people […]