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Category: reading

Why is my hair curly?

I recently bought ‘Why is my hair curly’ written by Lakshmi Iyer. It is by Red Panda, an imprint of

Stepping into 2022

It’s almost a fortnight into 2022. Two anthologies featuring my work have released on Amazon already.

Hemingway’s way to good writing

In this blog post, I have compiled four tips from his observations on writing in ‘The Moveable Feast’

Composition of a Woman

I write about Christine E Ray’s ‘Composition of a Woman,’ an award-winning book of feminist poems.

Hard Times

This post is about coping with hard times. My TBR meanwhile grows.

My 2021 Reading List – Part 1

Here is a list of books I’ve read thus far in 2021. I have hyperlinked some of these books to reviews I’ve written of them.  I’ve also hyperlinked my interviews with the authors of a few of these books.

More of this and that

I talk about Pablo Neruda, the Blogchatterwrifest, Kuzhali Manickavel, Radhika Acharya, Vincent Van Gogh – as you can see it’s this and that:)