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I read fewer books this year than in the pandemic years. In 2020, I read 55 books and in 2021, I had read 32 books until July. I have hyperlinked some of the books I read this year to the reviews I’ve written of them for your reference. How has your reading been during the pandemic and post-pandemic?

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  1. The masks and other poems – Vasudha Pansare
  2. Beyond the horizon beyond – Haiku and Haibun – Kala Ramesh
  3. The 12 commandments of being a woman – Tahira Kashyap Khurrana
  4. The seven sins of being a mother – Tahira Kashyap Khurrana
  5. Good night stories for rebel girls – Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo
  6. The rudest book ever – Shwetabh Gangwar
  7. The war of art – Steven Pressfield
  8. Desi Modern Love – An anthology of true stories curated by Ranjani Rao and Nandini Patwardhan
  9. The time merchants and other strange tales by Vasudev Murthy
  10. Destination Moon – Tintin (a repeat read)
  11. Diary of a wimpy kid – the third wheel (a repeat read)
  12. When God is a traveller – Arundhati Subramaniam
  13. The timeless turns – Kavya Janani U
  14. The murder at lemontree grove- Andaleeb Wajid
  15. Chumki and the elephants – Lesley D Biswas
  16. A Christmas tail by Sudesna Ghosh
  17. High wire – D.W. Vogel
  18. His search for the perfect bride – Sudesna Ghosh
  19. Paati vs. uncle – Meera Ganapathi
  20. The inmate – Frieda Mc Fadden
  21. Rising – Kiran Manral
  22. Prince with a paintbrush – The story of Raja Ravi Varma – Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan
  23. Learn from the almond leaf- Eunice De Souza
  24. Adam – S- Hareesh
  25. I heart New York- Lindsey Kelk
  26. Three Chinese Poets – Vikram Seth
  27. The leaf and other poems – Vasudha Pansare
  28. I’m old, I’m wise and I know my shit– Bevinda Collaco
  29. Gulf-Michelle D’ costa
  30. There are no foreign lands– Jeffrey A Sheehan
  31. Stand for Ukraine – Anthology compiled by editor Trinity Wood
  32. Bits and Pieces – Harshita Nanda
  33. Live smart – Teja Lele
  34. Tales from moonlit hearts – Soumya Bharathi
  35. You, Me & the Universe – Manas Mukul
  36. Whorls Within – A hundred poems- Nandini Sen Mehra
  37. Hues from cues – Vandana Saxena

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