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Reflections by the Moonlight

The luminous moon shines upon us
We sit and gather our thoughts
How could everything we dreamed of
Have come to naught?
Shadows of trees and shrubs dance
Playfully across the lawn
In contrast with our somber mood
But wasn’t it said that
It’s darkest before dawn?
Maybe there was still a chance
Says my heart unbidden
Enough’s enough
Says my head firmly
Discouraging any flights of fancy
That might sneak up on me
I glance at your face
Reflecting the moonlight
What a sight for sore eyes!
There you go again!
I chide myself
It’s been years, nay eons
Since I fell in love with you.
If it has to come to this
Maybe that’s what I must come to terms with
And stop yearning for more
Haven’t we been here before?

Photo by LucasVphotos on Unsplash

8 Responses

    1. To quote the late Olivia Newton-John from the song ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ from the movie ‘Grease’ ” My head is sayin’, “Fool, forget him”
      My heart is sayin’, “Don’t let go”. 🙂

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