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Amidst the weeping rain, the hours refused to move

The first cut came years ago

I bled a little from my heart

I quickly learned to bandage it

And carry on with life as I knew it

The second cut came in the recent past

When you ghosted me

And disappeared, never to return

I floated out of my being

And watched the ‘other’ me

Tackle life’s challenges

As you stayed mum

And out of my life

I was a bruised and battered self

Standing at the edge of my sanity

And looking over the precipice

To hold on to straws

I’d picked up from the scattered pieces

Of my heart that was tossed about

And then the skies decided

To empty themselves of their angst

It rained and poured

As I learned to camouflage my pain

Amidst the weeping rain,

The hours refused to move…

Photo by Danielle Dolson on Unsplash

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