My review of ‘Rewriting My Happily Ever After: A memoir of divorce and discovery’

Ranjani leaves for the US as a starry-eyed bride, but the marriage does not work out and she walks out of the marriage with her young daughter. The memoir is uplifting and inspiring. Ranjani inspires and motivates. Her narrative style pulls you in even if you are not the intended target audience.

Interview 31: Aishwariya Laxmi

Originally posted on Outside the Book:
Years editing: 11Job title: Consultant editorJob description: Edits different kinds of content (from infographics to case studies) and develops company style guidesLocation: Suburban Chennai, India EXPERIENCE How did you get your current job?My boss from a previous office approached me with a work-from-home offer. What copyediting training have you…

A Love Poem

By Aishwariya Laxmi The day I fell in love with youA poem was bornOn the pages of my diaryThat’s safe from prying eyesYou awakened inside meEmotions strong and sublimeI thought about you all the timeFar-away echoes of a time and placeWere replaced with new thoughtsWhispers of happinessAnd an image of your faceThe person I once…

The Whole Wide World

I was recently featured in ‘The Whole Wide World,’ a unique anthology by Sweetycat Press. The book consists of “episodes” from 80 authors worldwide. The cover by Priti J is eye-catching and tremendously appealing. Of all the anthologies my writing has featured in, I had the most fun writing this one. My dad tells meContinue reading “The Whole Wide World”

Interview with Author Rishi Vohra

What’s your latest book, ‘Diary of an Angry Young Man’ about? Hello Aishwariya. Diary of an Angry Young Man is inspired by true events and the protagonist is based on a real person. The book is set in Bombay in 1992 and Mumbai in 2012, the latter around the time of the Nirbhaya incident, whichContinue reading “Interview with Author Rishi Vohra”