Author: Aishwariya Laxmi

  • Interview with Author Devika Fernando

    You’ve written romances of all kinds – second-chance romance, paranormal, royals, single mom etc. Which one is your favorite kind and why? Oh, that’s an interesting question I haven’t been asked before. I think the books in my Inn Love romance series have been my favorite to write so far. I chose a different country […]

  • Fibonacci Poetry Competition for Children

    Please follow these guidelines to the T, else your entry may be rejected by the judges. The poem MUST follow the form of a Fibonacci sequence. The number of syllables in each line of the poem needs to be the sum of the previous two lines: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. Here’s more […]

  • Interview with Author Anita Satyajit

    What was your inspiration behind writing Isapuram Tales? I did not intend to write children’s books. You could say, the books came to me. One day in 2016, when I was going through a challenging time in life, I felt the urge to write. I had a vision in my mind and felt a pressing […]

  • My Book Review of ‘Rising: 30 Women Who Changed India’

    Rising – 30 women who changed India – a non-fiction title by Kiran Manral and published by Rupa covers the inspiring journeys of 30 Indian women from various fields who blazed a trail for others to follow. Manral has allocated a chapter for each achiever, and she has meticulously listed all her references from secondary […]

  • Happy World Poetry Day!

    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Sampurna Chattarji’s poetry workshop conducted by Blogchatter on World Poetry Day. Sampurna stressed on the importance of learning about poetry and its formats. She said the “perfect poem” is a mirage or chimera. She also said one must be confident about the nuts and bolts of […]

  • Never-was

    By Aishwariya Laxmi You were once my fevered dreamNow, you are my migraineIt must have happened over the many nightsI lay awake staring at the eerie shadowsThe fan cast on the walls of my bedroom.I’m not altogether surprised thoughYou and I would have never happenedMaybe that certainty is what kept us from happeningWeird are the…

  • Interview with Author Shalini Mullick

    Congratulations on your book ‘Stars from the borderless sea.’ Could you tell us about it? Thank you so much. “Stars from the Borderless Sea” is a collection of three non-linked novella length stories, each of which has a strong, mature woman protagonist at its center. On a usual day in their busy, well settled lives, […]

  • Why is my hair curly?

    I recently bought ‘Why is my hair curly’ written by Lakshmi Iyer. It is by Red Panda, an imprint of Westland. A slim volume of 138 pages, the book is ideal for children of ages 8-12. Avantika and Avnish are adopted kids. Their parents have been upfront with them right in the beginning about this. […]

  • The story behind the publication of my chick-lit story

    I first started writing this chick-lit story( those of you who are offended by the term chick-lit, please excuse me) in 2009, along with a friend. My friend and I were planning to go to Greece, and then suddenly we stopped talking to each other. So not only was the Greece trip shelved, but our […]

  • “Music is your special friend…”

    Originally posted on mail your art:
    …sang Jim Morrison in 1967. And while the music is over for the legendary frontman of the Doors, the sentence still holds true for many people. What this friend can do for you, is the theme of an anthology, edited by the US-based author Steve Carr. From heartbeat to…

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