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The Great Vowel Shift

A series of changes affecting the long vowels of English, known as the Great Vowel Shift, took place in the early 1400s. Before the shift, a word like loud would have been pronounced ‘lood’, name as ‘nahm’, leaf as ‘layf’, mice as ‘mees’. Although the shift had no clear beginning […]

The First English Copyeditor

William Caxton introduced the printing press around 1400.In the prologue to the first book to be printed in England, The Recuyell(compilation) of the Historyes of Troy, he reflects on his experience in the translating business. He met Lady Margaret, the sister of King Edward IV, and happened to mention what he […]

The Runglish Cocktail

LONDON: First there was Franglais, a mangled combination of English and French. Then came Spanglish and subsequently Denglish, a mixure of German and English. Don’t fret. Just start getting used to Runglish — the the English-laced argot of young Russians — especially if you are planning a visit to the […]

Yes, eh?

Many of us Indians have the habit of vernacularising the English language. For example, to show agreement with the speaker or to show our involvement with his or her dialogue, we often say ” Yes, eh?” This happens more with Tamilians. It would be a lot better if we just […]