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Everything is Out of Syllabus by Varun Duggirala

I had gone to the dentist recently and while I was waiting for the doctor to arrive, I started reading Varun Duggirala’s Everything is out of Syllabus- An Instruction Manual for Life and Work, with a foreword by Pooja Dhingra and an endorsement by Anupama Chopra. The book is by Penguin Books. 

The book consists of five short sections, a bibliography, and an acknowledgments section. The cover image is by Getty Images and the cover design is by Akangksha Samah. The book falls under the self-help/non-fiction genre.

Section 1 is Start

Section 2 is Choose

Section 3 is Learn

Section 4 is Connect 

Section 5 is Reflect

Here is the blurb of the book ( from Amazon)

Life seldom comes with an instruction manual or a guidebook. It’s often messy and unpredictable too. While our education may prepare us for situations covered within its set syllabus, most of life happens outside this realm and this leaves us grappling with questions about work, life, and everything in between.

Hence, this book.

Varun Duggirala has survived and thrived in a system that throws curveballs at us without the tools to actually overcome them. In Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he offers answers to important questions like:

What is the true meaning of success?

How can one become more creative and think outside the box?

How can we connect with people, including ourselves?

And much more.

Most importantly, he tells readers what skills one needs to master to live a more fulfilled life that is optimized for happiness.

Full of anecdotal wisdom, this book is partly funny, mostly reflective, and completely authentic. Everything Is Out of Syllabus is a must-read for anyone who is trying to understand life and figure out their own roadmap to navigate it.

About the author:( from Amazon)

Varun Duggirala is the co-founder and content chief of The Glitch, an independent creative agency headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in Delhi and Bengaluru. He hosts the podcast ‘Advertising Is Dead’, one of India’s most popular business podcasts.

The book cover of Everything is Out of Syllabus

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48 Responses

  1. This is the first time I am visiting your blog I think , and I am glad I did. I am not a fan of self-help books but the catchy title and your opinion that it is a funny and anecdotal one, really egg me on to get my copy of “Everything is out of Syllabus”.

    1. Yes, Manali, I enjoyed reading it even while sitting in the dental clinic. In fact, I was nervous about the dental procedure, but the passage I read from the book put me in a good frame of mind so that I could face the procedure without much nervousness.

  2. I love to read this kind of books because of the wisdom they offer to their readers. Also, the way it’s formatted and presented, it seems the book will be an interesting read for all motivational book lovers.

  3. I would certainly like to explore the how to be creative and think out of the box part. Also, am going to check out his podcast, as the name is catchy. Life really is out of syllabus, it takes us on a roller coaster ride and we keep trying to find some sanity as it progresses along.

  4. I personally think these are very relevant topics, especially for the younger generations who are coming who are forced to perceive and pursue success at a very young age but aren’t given time to let themselves find what success is. I love books that promote the idea of introspection. Lovely review. And some books really come to us in the strangest places—be it at the dentist or in a car.

  5. I guess this humourous self-help book would be a good read for teenagers trying to figure out life. I like that it is divided into sections. It makes it more easier to understand and finish.

    1. Hi Cindy, Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what teenagers read these days ‘coz I’ve never been married or had kids and have limited interactions with teenagers, but this book is more on the topic of entrepreneurship. Not sure how relevant it would be for children/teenagers.

  6. Dear Aishwariya I am a big fan of selfhelp book and I always something or the other from every self help book I read so far. The scenario where you started reading this book and as you mentioned it has a funny aspect in it then its going to be a must read for me. Currently I am in need of acute funny things in my life to relax my mind. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Never a big fan of self-help books…but then if a self-help book has humour…maybe it needs to be checked out….

  8. The book title and book blurb remind us of a solemn reality that our life has no syllabus-guided instruction to seek.
    And the book covers those shortfalls. I take note of the title and look forward to including it in my reading list. Thank you.

  9. Seems like a good book…haven’t read a Self Help book in a long while so maybe I can give it a try. Your review does make it sound fun to read and relevant to our times. Thanks for the review!

  10. I’ve personally never been a fan of self-help or as I like to call them “new age philosophy” books, but I’m glad you liked this one. I enjoyed your review.

  11. This book appears to be right up my alley. I’ve read a similar one called – Life’s Missing Instruction Manual by Joe Vitale. I am adding your recommendation to my TBR to get a glimpse of the Indian perspective on the same subject. Thanks!

  12. Quite an interesting title. I’m up for a book that goes beyond theory and includes anecdotes or real-life examples too. That makes it all the richer. Adding the book to my TBR.

    Thank you for participating in the blog hop, Aishwariya.

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