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Sapna’s Bad Connection by Neil D’Silva


Publishing Date – 14 September 2023

Price in India – INR 350 (Note – Promotional offer going on currently)

Number of pages – 248

Publisher – Vishwakarma Publications

About the Book (From the blurb on Amazon)

Sapna Damle, a successful entrepreneur listed in Corporate Woman magazine, receives a string of abusive and threatening chat messages on her 33rd birthday. But the biggest shock is yet to come: the sender is a ghost. Kedar, her boyfriend who mysteriously died by suicide eight years ago, has returned to her life and he is angry and vengeful.

Filled with personal details, the messages invade her privacy until she feels violated and haunted in every way. The only way out for Sapna is to fulfil the challenges that this ‘bad connection’ sets for her. She would need to overcome her extreme fear in this gruesome quest, even if it means facing explosive truths about her own identity. Will Sapna unmask her digital stalker and face the ghosts of her own murky past?

Cover pic from Amazon India

Link to pre-order the book from Amazon India


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