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  1. Don’t talk to strangers. One would think this was fairly obvious, but with social media being as pervasive as it is today, one tends to forget this basic rule.
  2. Establish boundaries clearly with people. And push back if they encroach upon your boundaries.
  3. Take some time out to do nothing. Yes, ‘doing nothing’ is a very valid pursuit for some time every day.
  4. Being overproductive is another way of avoiding things one doesn’t want to face or feeling things one doesn’t want to feel.
  5. Don’t pursue people. Pursue hobbies. (Continued after image)

6. Learn something new every day from authentic sources.

7. Don’t miss your exercise every day.

8. Don’t take on too many things at the same time. Learn to prioritize.

9. Music can pep you up instantly. Don’t go without music even for a day if you can help it.

10. Take frequent breaks. Go to a retreat or resort every three months, just to broaden your perspective.

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    1. Some valid and thoughtful points here. The third one reminds me of a line from Eat, Pray, Love (the movie, not sure if it’s in the book): ‘The sweetness of doing nothing.’ However, I end up wasting my time.

      I started exercising recently (I prefer taking a walk), but lost interest/motivation within 20 days. 🙁

      1. Thank you for reading, Tarang. I actually wrote line 3 from my own experience. Although I have read the book and watched the movie (twice), that line seems to have gone straight out of the window for me. Don’t remember it.

        I, too, prefer walking. One thing I do to stay motivated and committed to my walking goals is to avoid checking my weight, expecting improvement, and then getting discouraged when there is none. ( Trust me, this has happened so often). These days, if I’m up to it, I try not to skip my walk. I try to think of the journey and not the destination.

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