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Sunset Hues

The sun sets the sky ablaze
With hues of pink, crimson
And yellow in a golden haze
That stains the sky
Nature is a painting
Created by God, the Artist
And we mere mortals
Behold its immense beauty, 
His brushstrokes are evident 
In every crag, leaf, cloud, and stone.
Homebound egrets
Form a ‘V’ in the sky
Crows caw in the distance
Will there be a murder of them?
A tree snake slithers into the thickets 
Two stories below
And makes its way into
The construction site
That lies abandoned at dusk
Bats weave in and out
Between the two blocks of villas
After the sun has set
It is in this village
That the Hand of God
Can be seen everywhere
The temple bell peals 
In the evening
And all is well with the world 
As it should be.

I took this picture of the sunset on my phone.

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