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Beautiful Spring

I used Chat GPT to generate this poem.

Spring has come with grace and cheer,

Bringing new life to far and near.

The sun shines bright and the birds sing,

Nature awakens, it’s a beautiful thing.

The skies are blue, the air is warm,

The flowers bloom, a colorful swarm.

Tulips dance, daffodils smile,

Their beauty spreads for many a mile.

Pic Credit – Unsplash

The breeze is soft, the earth is still,

Peaceful and calm, it’s a beautiful thrill.

The world comes alive, all is new,

Spring has arrived, it’s a beautiful hue.

So let us take in this wondrous sight,

The beauty of spring, it’s a pure delight.

A time to laugh, a time to play,

A time to cherish each day.

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I’m Aishwariya. I’m passionate about writing, reading, marketing communications, books, blogging, poetry and editing. I’ve donned several hats, such as freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger and editor.

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