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It’s the holiday season and most of us are winding down after a hectic year. Now’s the time to take stock of the year that was and set goals for the next year. Here’s a handy tool that will help you plan for the year ahead. I did this exercise last year and plan to do it again this year.

Flipping wooden cubes for new year change 2020 to 2021. New year change and starting concept.

Right now, I’m reading ‘Steal Like An Artist’ . It’s always good to read books that fire us up and spark our creativity. They re-orient our brains to a creator’s mindset, which helps us get on the right track.

I’d read ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert in 2017 and I think it’s time to re-read it. Here’s a video on YouTube that discusses five lessons from Big Magic.

Another book that I plan to read is ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron that most people consider the bible for the artistic life. Here’s a New York Times article that discusses the famous Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way.

In other news, my flash fiction entry ‘A Fiendish Turn’ has been published in ‘Extreme Drabbles of Dread’- A Horror Anthology, which releases on December 28, 2020. You may pre-order it here.

This is my second horror flash fiction piece that has made its way into an anthology this year. The first was ‘Bat to the Future,’ in HBB Micro Fiction Anthology- Selected Entries- Horror.

Sometime soon, when I feel a little brave, I plan to read Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’ Silva. There’s an offer right now where the Kindle version of the book is selling for INR 29. Check it out.

As always, my TBR is so long and there is so little time. Oh well, I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles. Anyway, take care, stay safe and enjoy the wonderful holiday season. See you again in 2021. Happy New Year!

Christmas decorations with fir and red shiny balls and ribbon, and the message “Season’s Greetings”; on white background


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