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Brave Inked Emotions – A Book Review

When I saw that my blogger friends had created a book called #BraveInkedEmotions, I knew I wanted to buy it, so I immediately ordered a copy from the Notion Press Site. I created an unboxing video and posted bits of the book on my Bookstagram. I read a little at a time ‘coz emotions can be overwhelming. I know Roma online from the Endocrinology Support group on Facebook, and she is so sweet! ( as is her voice). A #must-read book for women worldwide!

Quality of the book ( external aspects) – The cover image is gorgeous! I love the glossy nature of the cover and the paper used. The beige text on the cover looks good, and the author’s name stands out. The subtitle encapsulates what a reader can expect from the book.

Quality of the book ( internal aspects): It takes great courage to talk or write about personal experiences. Some of these writers have bared their souls on the page. I’m sure they would have gone through some emotional upheaval after they published this book because of their work being out in the world. They might have faced embarrassment, shame, a feeling of being ‘exposed’, etc. I say this because that’s how I sometimes feel when deeply personal work goes out. Nowadays, I’m not affected much by such things.

Roma told me that editing the book often brought her to tears, and when I told her I burst into tears after reading one story, she cried. I recommend this book to ALL women and men, too, so they know all a woman experiences in one life.

Today, while reading the front page of the newspaper, I noticed only news items about rape, molestation, harassment, etc. I put it away because I did not want to get into these details first thing in the morning. How much harder then for the women undergoing these problems?

Link to order – https://www.amazon.in/Brave-Inked-Emotions-experiences-emotional/dp/B0CXJ5C9KB/

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6 Responses

  1. For any story to have moved you to tears means the book achieved its purpose. The emotional avalanche is perhaps the most difficult to handle, hence true stories help in collecting yourself. Thanks for the review. It was good to read your honest views.

  2. Thanks, Aishwayra not just for getting the book and admiring every aspect of it–the cover, the font, the structure–indeed a lot of work goes into creating a book. As a contributor, it fills me with happiness to know that the stories have touched the reader/s in some way. The purpose and the hard work behind the book are then, achieved.

  3. Oh yes, Roma definitely has a sweet voice
    I’ too was deeply moved by some of the stories, so I’m sure it was a difficult editing exercise for Roma.

  4. Yes, for sure, Roma has a very nice voice. And the book does get overwhelming, seeing the courage it takes to share the truth with the world. It’s good to know that you found the book a worthy buy.

  5. Reading about true stories always feel hard yet it’s an enriching experience to know so many things from the inspiring stories. Glad to know you liked our anthology BIE. Thanks for this short and crisp review.

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