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The Indian Copyeditors’ Forum ( ICF) Completes Nine Years Today

I became a part of the ICF group a few years ago. At that time, I didn’t know anyone in the group, and through the pandemic although ICF conducted several webinars and online co-working sessions, I could attend only one – the knowledge-sharing session featuring Rachna Kalra. I’m active on the ICF WhatsApp group where I promote my blog posts, and over the last year, I’ve gotten to know some of the other editors ( online). Many of the editors post useful articles on editing in the WhatsApp group. Also, if one wants to get accredited in editing, this is the place to be since you will come across several groups and educational opportunities. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie in the group, and I’ve also learned about new book releases since many of the members are avid readers. ICF has also released a book on editing, which I have bought.

Note from ICF

Indian Copyeditors Forum (ICF) completes 9 years today. Founded for professional editors, ICF best represents and serves those editors who are committed to their profession and are serious about growing their craft and business. 

The brand’s driving belief is this: Editing improves a book by several notches. In fact, it is a necessary step to make any text worth publication. Editors should take pride in their work, individually and collectively. 

The ICF brand’s core values are sharing, honesty, integrity, simplicity, practical thinking, and collective strength. ICF is a safe space for sharing of knowledge and learning from one another’s experiences as our members are approachable, nonjudgmental, and humane and are always willing to help. 

If you are a member of ICF, the collective helps you become a better editor and offers you a sense of community with fellow editors. It improves your professional journey significantly.

As a member of ICF, you

• Gain insights on editing. 

• Get information and guidance that would otherwise not be available to you.

• Get leads for work. 

• Gain a sense of community and kinship.

• Can enhance your editing and business skills.

This is India’s only such collective, founded on the insight that collective strength is vital for growth, development, and transformation.

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