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Being Myself

The tigress cannot help being wild

The cactus cannot help being prickly

The sun cannot help being hot

And I cannot help being Aishwariya

Even in my sleep, I dream of cats

Even in my sadness, I love my self

I swim in the rivers of my sadness

I climb through the mountains of my pain

I travel for years and years

And on the other side

Is Aishwariya, beautiful Aishwariya

Her happy self dancing in the moonbeams.

Photo by NEOM on Unsplash. This is a self-acceptance poem I wrote based on Joseph Fasano’s prompt.


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Aishwariya Laxmi

I’m Aishwariya. I’m passionate about writing, reading, marketing communications, books, blogging, poetry and editing. I’ve donned several hats, such as freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger and editor.

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