A one-way ticket to misery

Happy to make my debut in The Literary Yard.

Literary Yard

By Aishwariya Laxmi

Photo by Jakub Novacek on Pexels.com

I thought I’d loved you forever
But I realize it was never meant to be
‘Coz you gave me sleepless nights
And acted in a way that hurt me
If you had meant well
You wouldn’t have acted so selfishly
Left me hanging
And continued to lead me on
For so long
I do take responsibility
For acting foolishly
And sharing my thoughts
With you indiscriminately
Now I’m working on my boundaries
So that such things
Do not happen again
I see the point that my well-wishers
Have been trying to make for so long
But I must remember that I did no “wrong”
And not be too hard on myself
‘Coz it’s just the folly
Of someone who was lonely
And another who was flattered, maybe.
It’s not a meeting of the minds or souls
It’s just a one-way ticket…

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