Three cats, a man, and a woman

David was pretty much your average Joe. There was nothing exceptional about him. But he had one attractive quality – at least in Nancy’s eyes. He loved cats. He had not just one, but three amazing felines. The first was Violet, his tabby cat who was blind of one eye and David’s favorite. The second was Raven, his black cat that he protected every time Halloween came around, and the third was little Muffin, the one-month-old darling he had found dumped in the trash by some horrible person. He considered it his mission in life to save these cats and give them a home. He didn’t have much to offer, but there was always enough for his cats.

Little did David realize that Nancy had been noticing all this from next door. Nancy with her long, shapely legs, auburn hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She was looking for true love and she wanted a man who would love her and care for her just the way she was. It helped that David was easy on the eyes.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

One day, Violet, David’s tabby left a little present for Nancy. It was a half-eaten bird! Right under her dining table. Although she was thoroughly repulsed by the carcass, she understood cat psychology enough to know that in a cat’s mind it was considered an act of love. Nancy went over to David’s house and playfully flirted with him. He came over to her place and helped clean the bird carcass. And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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