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The story behind the publication of my chick-lit story

I first started writing this chick-lit story( those of you who are offended by the term chick-lit, please excuse me) in 2009, along with a friend. My friend and I were planning to go to Greece, and then suddenly we stopped talking to each other. So not only was the Greece trip shelved, but our chick-lit story also languished. I was keen on writing the story, so I’d made a book outline and edited the piece into chapters. But I didn’t believe I could do it without her. Cut to 2014. I got a chance to read out the first three chapters to published authors and writing workshop facilitators, but I didn’t! Go figure! I later edited out the bits that my friend had written, and in 2021, I submitted it after seeing a call for submissions by Jilly Snowdon of Fenechty publishing in a Facebook Group. I was thrilled when she accepted it. It was published on Amazon USA on 25 February 2021. It’s soon going to be the one-year anniversary of its publication. The anthology contains stories from other authors, too.

From the blurb – The first volume of the Fenechty Publishing Anthology of Short Stories contains an eclectic mix of short stories in various genres and by various authors. Stories for everyone, and with all profits from the print version being donated in their entirety to the Water Aid charity. Contents: THE HOUSE by Crystalwizard, ONE SIMPLE SONG by Anthony J. Langford, THE SIX DAY WAR by Karen Karlitz, STRYKERS TALE by Crystalwizard, WALKING SHADOW by Richard Underwood, TROUBADOUR by Allison Whittenberg, DARK AND STORMY by Crystalwizard, SNAPSHOPS FROM A SINGLE GIRL’S LIFE by Aishwariya Laxmi, THE COOK OF ALCATRAZ by Robert White, THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT by Crystalwizard.

Here’s the Amazon USA link.

All proceeds from the sale of these paperbacks will go to Water Aid, a charity that provides clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene worldwide. Read more about the charity here.


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