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Review of ‘Overcoming Awkward, An Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing and Sales’

Worth reading ?

The author shows us how she transformed herself from a socially awkward person to a successful entrepreneur and networker.


Some people are excited by the idea of networking events, cold calling, and dazzling total strangers with their winsome smiles, intriguing conversation, and charming personality. But for introverts meeting and talking to new people is like watching a horror movie where they are the star!

?So what is an entrepreneur or sales professional to do if he or she happens to also be an introvert? In this groundbreaking work from a bonafide introvert master marketer, you will learn actionable strategies to create connections, build relationships, and establish loyal, repeat customers who are thrilled to refer you to everyone they know.






??And so much more! The is the definitive guide you have been waiting for! Gone is the advice to introverts to take on a persona that is light years away from who they really are. You will finally be free to just be you and will discover that you vibe really does attract your tribe.?

I picked up ‘Overcoming Awkward, An Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing and Sales by Monica Parkin.

The book consists of 21 chapters. Chapter one really drew me in. Parkin was an oddball in school, a social misfit who found it difficult to make friends. She was introverted, socially awkward and struggled with ADHD. Today, however, she is a successful entrepreneur who owns several thriving businesses. She is a keynote speaker, a speaking coach and a podcast host. She has a lot of friends and enjoys getting to know people. So how did this happen?

In 2016, Parkin bought her home and had such a positive experience that she studied to become a mortgage broker herself and passed the exam after eleven months.

When Parkin finally realized that she would have to meet people and network, she was not ready for it since she’s an introvert and experiences massive social anxiety. She felt she had bitten off more than she could chew. But since she had invested time and money in the course, she decided to give networking a shot. Her first networking event was a disaster and she vowed to retrain her brain so that she could be successful in this field.

On day one of her transformation, she responded positively to the check-out lady at the grocery store. And the lady gave her a tip about discounts.

She joined a Facebook group and decided to call up the mentors in the group. All of them told her to be “herself”. They emphasized the need to be authentic. Parkin wondered if it was okay for her to be authentic when she suffers from social anxiety. When she started posting about her hobbies and things that genuinely interested her, people started connecting with her. They reached out to her and wanted to work with her. Being herself helped her make a connection with people.

In the book, Parkin shares the dictionary definition of networking, which is “the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions specifically the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”.

“When I do go to a physical event, I don’t go to hand out my cards or talk about myself or pitch my business. I go with the intent of listening more than talking, asking questions and really engaging.”

“Connections and relationships are built when you listen, not when you talk,” she notes. I recommend this book to introverts and socially awkward people who need to network or make a sale.

P.S.I received an ARC(Advanced Review Copy) from Reedsy Discovery


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