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  • Fibonacci Poetry Competition for Children

    Please follow these guidelines to the T, else your entry may be rejected by the judges. The poem MUST follow the form of a Fibonacci sequence. The number of syllables in each line of the poem needs to be the sum of the previous two lines: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. Here’s more […]

  • Stepping into 2022

    It’s almost a fortnight into 2022. Two anthologies featuring my work have released on Amazon already.

  • Hard Times

    This post is about coping with hard times. My TBR meanwhile grows.

  • My Current Read – ‘The Anatomy of Scars’

    Hello, everyone! Reading has always been such an important part of my life. It made my childhood magical and again improved my life when I turned 40. Last year was a bit insane with the pandemic, and I read 55 books. Otherwise, I was reading 25 books a year on an average. So this year, […]

  • The Introvert’s Edge to Networking

    ‘The Introvert’s Edge to Networking: Work the room. Leverage social media. Develop powerful connections.’ is a must-read book for all introverts who need to realize that introversion is their superpower and not a liability. Introverted people actually have an advantage since they are more thoughtful and make more meaningful interactions with people. Sadly, many introverts […]

  • Raising capable children

    I read ‘Raising Capable Children’ by Sakshi Varma because I know of her as a blogger. I wanted to know what she had to say about parenting. Even in the title, she emphasises values, attitudes and skills. It was a joy to see how she referred to the importance of magic in one’s childhood and […]

  • Stepping into 2021

    As I’d planned, my first book of the new year is ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. The book is designed to be a course to artistic recovery over 12 weeks with exercises at the end of each chapter. Today was my first day of writing the morning pages. I spoke about this in an […]

  • 1001 books to read before I die

    Here’s a list of 1001 books that forms suggested reading for eveybody in their lifetime.

  • Book reviews

    There are two ways to review a book: critically and descriptively. A descriptive review has a lot of quotes from the book and your impressions about the book while a critical review carries your opinions about the book. A balanced review would be a mix of both. Before reviewing a book, it is necessary to […]

  • One language “disappears” every 14 days!

    Check out this alarming fact!,1,1715782.story?ctrack=1&cset=true