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Aishwariya's LittLog

On Books, Writing, Editing, and More

Year: 2021

Interview with my dad – Author K.S.Loganathan

Here I feature a very special interview. One with my dearest dad! His book is releasing shortly. Do read on for his beautiful answers to my questions.

Interview with Author Rajasekar KS

I have featured an interview with author Rajasekar KS, who has written ‘How to read your husband like a book’

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

I have briefly summarised the book “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” by Daribha Lyndem and shared details I gleaned after attending an Instagram Live with the author.

The Whole Wide World

I was recently featured in ‘The Whole Wide World,’ a unique anthology by Sweetycat Press. The book consists of “episodes”

Aishwariya Laxmi

I’m Aishwariya. I’m passionate about writing, reading, marketing communications, books, blogging, poetry and editing. I’ve donned several hats, such as freelance journalist, copywriter, blogger and editor.


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