India at 75

It’s 75 years since my country India won her independence from British rule. Today, on the eve of this momentous occasion, I went to my terrace and saw that almost every house had an Indian flag flying. It was a joy to behold. I wonder what tomorrow has in store.


I dream of a land

That works to nurture billions of aspirations, so grand

A country that’s pollution-free

With great infrastructure and a strong economy

Roads that are smooth with not a pothole in sight

And farmers who take flights

To commute from place to place

No such thing as lower castes who are being disgraced

Free-flowing, sparkling water for all and sundry

No chemical wastes or effluents dumped into estuaries

No bribes or corruption by politicians

Instead, more seva and missions

Be it to Mars or the neighboring country

Let’s not waste the taxpayer’s money

Let’s make sure something good

comes out of everything done

We have a country to run

Yes, it’s each one of us who the onus is on

(I first published a version of this poem on Sweek a few years ago.)

(Pic taken by me on my trip to Benares with my parents)

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