Vote for Dr. Sunitha Krishnan before the 25th of Sep, 2014

I voted for her. I’ve written an article about her in the past. Here’s the link to the article: || Vote & Share || She was gang raped by 8 people at the age of 15 and many think this defines her, but this isn’t her identity. She is Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, an IndianContinue reading “Vote for Dr. Sunitha Krishnan before the 25th of Sep, 2014”

“Tick-tock, we’re 30” by Milan Vohra

In yet another book club meet at Urban Solace, I met India’s first Mills ‘n Boon author who has also written  the novel,“Tick-tock, we’re 30”. The book is about a group of friends who are turning thirty. It’s a book about love, friendship, growing up, and dealing with the demons within. So the author isContinue reading ““Tick-tock, we’re 30” by Milan Vohra”

Making of the Hyderabad Graphic Novel

I made my way to Leaping Windows cafe in Indira Nagar at 4 pm on Saturday, 2nd November 2013, to attend the “Making of the Hyderabad Graphic Novel” by author Jai Undurti. I’ve not read a graphic novel so far, but after attending this session, my curiosity is sufficiently piqued to remedy the situation ASAP.Continue reading “Making of the Hyderabad Graphic Novel”

Who is Akira Yamashita?

Meeting Vasudev Murthy, the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes in Japan’, at the Urban Solace book club meet was an interesting experience simply because Vasudev has so many interests of his own: violin, teaching, consulting, animal rights, yoga, and travelling (to quote from his twitter handle – @dracula99.) He’s called his blog (, ‘Music Literature WeirdContinue reading “Who is Akira Yamashita?”

The Making of an Editor

The importance of good grammar has been underscored time and again by linguaphiles. How can you improve yours? What does it take to be a skilful editor? A good command of the language is something you acquire quite naturally if you’ve been an avid reader. Constant exposure to the language, speaking it at home andContinue reading “The Making of an Editor”

Employee engagement: How to reach out to your employees

In today’s competitive business scenario, organizations have learned that to stay ahead, they need to keep their employees motivated.  One of the ways in which they do this is through employee engagement initiatives. Engaged employees are productive, involved, and committed to the organization. They are not likely to be constantly on the lookout for betterContinue reading “Employee engagement: How to reach out to your employees”

Getting into the ‘writerly’ groove with Yasmeen Premji

Did something  new today. Went for a book club meet at Urban Solace@ Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore. My first ever book club meet. It was a book reading session with a Q& A at the end, giving people an opportunity to interact with the writer.  ‘Days of Gold and Sepia’ by Yasmeen Premji was the book.Continue reading “Getting into the ‘writerly’ groove with Yasmeen Premji”

Chick Lit Featuring Megan Crane

I love reading Chick lit. For the uninitiated, that’s fiction targeted at single women around 30 years of age, consisting of a good dose of humor and maybe some romance in it. “Although usually including romantic elements, women’s fiction (including chick lit) is generally not considered a direct subcategory of the romance novel genre, becauseContinue reading “Chick Lit Featuring Megan Crane”