Vote for Dr. Sunitha Krishnan before the 25th of Sep, 2014

I voted for her. I’ve written an article about her in the past. Here’s the link to the article:
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She was gang raped by 8 people at the age of 15 and many think this defines her, but this isn’t her identity.

She is Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, an Indian social activist, and co-founder of Prajwala.

She is best known for her fight against human trafficking and for saving more than 10,000 (ten thousands) of lives who were forced into prostitution. She has surpassed all barriers of human courage and used her traumatic experience to define her path to bring victims of sex trafficking back to mainstream society. In the process of saving lives, she has been attacked 14 times by criminals and left hearing impaired in her ear, but her determination has got stronger with time.
Here is a chance for us to pay tribute to her work.

Dr. Sunitha Krishnan has been selected as one of the five finalists for the Prestigious “2014 NELSON MANDELA – Graca Machel Innovation Award” ! The shortlisting of the finalists has been done by an International Jury!

The following link will provide every supporter an opportunity to vote for Dr. Sunitha Krishnan! The voting ends on 25th September!

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