US English vs. UK English

Apart from some very obvious differences between US English and UK English, such as the spellings(US: color, traveled, dialog–UK: colour, travelled, dialogue) and the use of the serial comma( in American English), here are some more differences.

1) Singular and Plural nouns:In US English, you would say ” The Clash is a well-known band” wheareas in UK English, it is “The Clash are a well-known band”.

 Similarly, in US English, one would say, Indianapolis is the champion, while in UK English, one would say Indianapolis are the champions.

2)Verbs: In US English, it is learned, dreamed etc. In UK English, it is learnt, dreamt.

 US: Lighted ;UK: Lit

US: Proven ; UK: Proved

US: Dive-Dove; Sneak-Snuck  ; UK: Not used.

3) US: I’ve just gotten home UK: I just got home

4) Shall is more commonly used in UK English.

5) US: meet with somebody  UK: meet somebody

6)US: Monday through Friday; UK: Monday to Friday

7)Dates in US spoken English: July 11th. Dates in UK spoken English: The 11th of July

 8) US: Colorado river   UK: River Thames

 9) US: the last letter of the alphabet is pronounced zee. In UK, it is pronounced zed.

10) US: sports section of the newspaper. UK: sport section

11) US: Mr. Sandburg  UK: Mr Sandburg


  • Carefree means “free from care or anxiety.” (American style)
  • Carefree means “free from care or anxiety”. (British style)

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